In 1925 Piero Pirelli, then President of AC Milan, urged the construction of a football stadium near the Ippodromo del Trotto.


The structure inspired by the English stadiums was completed in 13 months with a cost of 5 million Italian lire (the equivalent of about 2,500 €). Consisting of four straight bleachers, the stadium was designed to host up to 35,000 spectators.

It was inaugurated on September 19, 
1926, on the occasion of the Milan-Inter derby.


After purchasing the stadium, in 1935 the City of Milan started a first expansion operation with the construction of four connecting curves among the original bleachers and the enhancement of its overall capacity, which was increased to 55,000 seats.


Conceived to host Milan's home games, from the 1947-1948 season onwards the stadium became a "friendly ground" for F.C. Inter as well.


A supporting structure was built to support the second level of bleachers that stood over and partly covered the old ones. The total capacity thus rose to 85,000 spectators, with around 60,000 seating places. The architectural outline of the stadium was renewed by the modern helical ramps that allow access to the second ring.


The works for the night lighting system are completed. Ten years later the electronic billboard is installed.


The Italian temple of soccer was named in memory of the unforgettable Giuseppe Meazza, Milanese player of Inter and Milan and twice World Champion with the National team.


On the occasion of the 1990 World Cup, the City of Milan decides to begin a profound renewal of the stadium.

An architecturally striking solution consisting of a third level is implemented, allowing the coverage of all 85,700 seats.

The stadium thus expanded was officially inaugurated on April 25, 1990, a few weeks before hosting the opening match of the world championship.

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