The San Siro Stadium, named after the Milanese district in which it is located, since 1980 has been dedicated to the memory of Giuseppe Meazza, one of the greatest Italian soccer players, who has worn the colors of both Inter and Milan.

Considered one of the symbols par excellence of the city of Milan, as well as one of the most famous sports facilities in the world, the San Siro Stadium has earned the title "La Scala del Calcio” thanks to its own prestige and to the importance of the events it hosts - that exceed the sports domain. In addition to hosting the home matches of Milan and Inter, San Siro has been the scene of great concerts since the 1970s, welcoming the most famous Italian and international artists.

In this section, you can discover all about the origins of the stadium, from the building of its foundations to the many modernization projects and innovation works it went through during the years, up to the latest renovations.

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